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HOW TO CARE FOR 18K GOLD VERMEIL JEWELRY: Excess sweat and water? No thank you. Always remove your gold jewelry before exercising, washing your hands or showering. Apply perfumes, creams and hair care products before wearing your gold pieces. To clean gold jewelry, buff gently with a dry cloth.
HOW TO CARE FOR 14K SOLID GOLD JEWELRY: 14k Solid Gold Solid gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor. The 14k alloy gives our pieces their beautiful, subtle hue. 14k solid gold is also an active lifestyle's best friend: it scratches less and doesn't bend or wear out as easily as 18k. Our 14k white gold jewelry is finished with rhodium plating for extra shine and durability. 
HOW TO CARE FOR 14K GOLD JEWELRY: To maintain the shine of your 14k solid gold piece, scrub it lightly with a soft-bristled brush using warm water and detergent-free soap. Then, buff gently with a clean cloth. Store your pieces in a safe, dry place when not worn to protect them from the elements of daily exposure. How do I keep my jewelry looking its best? The polishing cloths included in each order have been treated with an anti-tarnish agent. To get the best results, simply buff your 14k solid gold, 18k gold, titanium, or sterling silver pieces until any imperfections or marks are no longer visible. Do not use the polishing cloth on oxidized silver pieces or directly on delicate gemstones, hard gemstones or pearls. Always wash your hands after use and keep the cloth out of reach of children. Never wash the polishing cloth, as it will lose its effectiveness.
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